Collection: Insect Repellents

We all love the beautiful outdoors!  But there always seems to be one little problem....pesky, insects.   No See Ums, mosquitoes, gnats buzzing around and biting.  We have YOUR solution.  Don't Itch it!  100% plant based (yep -NO WATER added) high performing ingredients.  

Oh and if you don't apply in time, it soothes the itch as well!!


Bug repellents fall under the direction of the EPA. In Florida, the state requires you to register your product (and pay a fee annually of course) before you can sell your product in Florida. The fundamental idea behind these laws and regulations are to ensure that manufacturers provide adequate and correct information to consumers and that contaminated or dangerous products are not being sold.

Please note: Due to state regulations, Don't Itch it can only be mailed to customers living in:
Delaware • Florida • Georgia • Hawaii • Illinois • Massachusetts • Minnesota • Missouri • New Hampshire • New Jersey • New York • Tennessee • Texas • Wisconsin

We are not registered in the other states as a minimal risk insect repellent.