Don't Itch It- Repels the bugs and soothes the itch
When a bug bites you, the itch from its bite can drives you crazy. Wanting to find relief from this irritation, we tried everything but never found anything that would both repel the little biters or providing any relief once bitten. So, of course it was time to find a solution to this pesky problem. Because who isn't up for an adventure?

We wanted something not only to repel these pesky bugs but to sooth the pain after a bite.

Our wish list included a natural product free from:
• Synthetic chemicals
• Parabens
(But we also wanted it to smell great!)

Not all bug repellents are created equal. We make ours with 100% oil, which repels the bugs but also helps to moisturize your skin.

• No added water
• No shaking the bottle
• No stinky “bug spray” smell (it actually smells fantastic)



Bug repellents fall under the direction of the EPA. In Florida, the state requires you to register your product (and pay a fee annually of course) before you can sell your product in Florida. The fundamental idea behind these laws and regulations are to ensure that manufacturers provide adequate and correct information to consumers and that contaminated or dangerous products are not being sold.


Please note: Due to state regulations, Don't Itch it can only be mailed to customers living in:

 Delaware Florida Georgia
Hawaii Illinois Massachusetts
Minnesota Missouri New Hampshire
New Jersey New York Tennessee
Texas Wisconsin